West of Eden

  • West of Eden

    West of Eden

    West of Eden is another popular dive site in Similan. It is in the west of “East of Eden” and is a distinct site. The site is usual with huge rocks, many nooks and crannies. It also features a spectacular diversity of marine life. It has great soft corals and sea fans as well. Here you will have the chance to meet a variety of fish such as the red and purple fire gobies, frogfish, ghost pipefish, nudibranches, black tip reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, green sea, hawk bill turtles, glass fish and more.

    The dive here can be difficult during strong currents. Nonetheless, the current here is usually easy and advisable for both beginners and professionals.

    Location: Central part of Similan
    Currents: Moderate, can be strong
    Visibility: 20 m to 40 m
    Depth: 5 m to 40 m
    Best Time to Dive: October to May

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