Honeymoon Bay

  • Honeymoon Bay

    Honeymoon Bay

    Honeymoon bay offers an easy and a soothing dive that is suitable for both amateur and professional divers. It also features a good check out dive and a very dramatic and exhilarating underwater scenery. The site is a very accessible beach dive especially for those who are staying on the island.

    The reef is also preferable for a good night dive. During the night, you will have chances to see huge Jenkins rays that usually spotted lying on the sandy bottom. There are also garden eels, large schools of fusiliers, goat fish, butterfly fish, cube box fish, banner fish. If lucky, you may spot for large giant morays that hide under the rock. It is also good to search for crabs and lobsters, nudibranches and flatworms as well.

    Location: Central part of Similan
    Currents: Moderate, can be strong
    Visibility: 20 m to 40 m
    Depth: 5 m to 40 m
    Best Time to Dive: October to May

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